Die Hard is a Christmas Movie! (and several other debatable opinions)

Over 3 decades since its release, but it seems every Christmas, there is a very fiery debate on whether or not “Die Hard” is or isn’t a Christmas movie. My youngest son is on the brink of being able to see it (maybe this year, if I can convince my wife to be as irresponsible of a parent as I can be at times) and for this reason, the 1988 Bruce Willis classic has been on my mind. Is it a Christmas movie? Is it not? Let’s break it down!

It was released on July 22nd, 1988

If I were debating against “Die Hard” being a Christmas movie, the release date alone would be a point in my favor. Mid-Summer release date, 6 months ahead of the Jesus Christ’s birthday, doesn’t scream “Christmas movie”. However, movies that can’t be argued as “Christmas” movies have similar release dates. “White Christmas” was released on August 4th, 1942. “Miracle on 34th Street” was released on May 2nd, 1947. Even “It’s a Wonderful Life” was released AFTER Christmas, January 7th, 1947 (although, I would say that counts as close enough). Release date cannot support the idea that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!

The plot revolves around a man visiting his family for Christmas

John McClane is visiting his wife, “Holly” (coincidence?) and his kids, after Holly took a job LA, leaving John back home in New Jersey. His flight arrives at LAX on CHRISTMAS EVE, SHOWING JOHN McCLANE WITH A CHRISTMAS GIFT IN HAND! He meets Holly as her workplace during the Holiday office party. After the actual terrorist organization takes the building over, and before John drops a Santa dressed terrorist out of a skyscraper window (I can’t remember what floor he fell from), onto a very recently off-duty Police officer’s car, Sergeant Al Powell, who was eating a Twinkie and singing, “Let it Snow”. It can’t speak Christmas more than this.

The soundtrack is filled with Christmas music

“Winter Wonderland”, “Let it Snow”, “Ode to Joy”, and the RUN-DMC classic, “Christmas in Hollis” are all on the soundtrack.

We may never know the answer, but…

At Bruce Willis’ Comedy Central Roast, he declared that “Die Hard” was NOT a Christmas movie…. BUT…. “Die Hard” Director, John McTiernan, and Writer, Steven De Souza BOTH confirmed Die Hard to be a Christmas movie. In my opinion, if the guy that wrote it says it’s a Christmas movie, and he told the guy who directed it, that it should be filmed as such, then the Lead Actor isn’t the authority here. Sorry Bruce. If it’s any consolation, I loved you as the dead guy in “The 6th Sense” SPOILER!

Here’s some Unrelated Opinions of things not “Die Hard”…

Peanut brittle is just as good in the Summer as it is at Christmas, but I will always think of it as a Christmas treat.

Turkey is still better than Ham at Thanksgiving, but Ham rules at Easter and Christmas.

Mini-fridges should be a built-in-shower-wall feature. I will argue that the best beer on earth is a shower beer.

The Pro Bowl is the worst All-Star game of all professional sports that could be improved dramatically if they made the game “flag football”

Have other opinions or want to debate these? Comment when you can! Thanks for reading!

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